International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation

International Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation ICMR has been providing medical rehabilitation services to patients with various neurological disorders, including cerebral palsy, scoliosis, aftereffects of cerebrovascular diseases, craniocerebral trauma, and motor development delay in children since 2014.

Main treatment technology that is used in ICMR is the Professor Kozyavkin Method, which was developed by Ukrainian scientist and specialist in medical rehabilitation Volodymyr Kozyavkin.

The Professor Kozyavkin Method (INRS) was developed more than 30 years ago and, over that time, more than 70,000 patients from 68 countries have completed treatment, and this figure is constantly growing. This treatment technology has continued to spread from year to year to other countries around the globe.
More info on the Professor Kozyavkin Method: www.kozyavkin.com

High quality medical services

In 2017, the treatment method was officially recognized by the European Medical Association, the most prestigious medical organization in Europe. Also, the rehabilitation process meets all the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Main goal – better patients quality of life

The main goal of rehabilitation by the Professor Kozyavkin Method is to improve the quality of life of patients with neurological disorders.

Positive feedback

Thousands of grateful children’s smiles, drawings and reviews that reflect the new opportunities open to these children testify to the capacity and effectiveness of the Professor Kozyavkin Method.

Treatment courses in 2020

Every year the rehabilitation season starts from the end of April and lasts till the end of October.

arrival/departure      treatment days

26.04-10.05.2020    27.04-09.05.2020
10.05-24.05.2020    11.05-23.05.2020
24.05-07.06.2020    25.05-06.06.2020
07.06-21.06.2020    08.06-20.06.2020
21.06-05.07.2020    22.06-04.07.2020
05.07-19.07.2020    06.07-18.07.2020
30.08-13.09.2020    31.08-12.09.2020
13.09-27.09.2020    14.09-26.09.2020
27.09-11.10.2020    28.09-10.10.2020

arrival/departure treatment days
26.04.20-10.05.2020 27.04.20-09.05.2020
10.05.20-24.05.2020 11.05.20-23.05.2020
24.05.20-07.06.2020 25.05.20-06.06.2020
07.06.20-21.06.2020 08.06.20-20.06.2020
21.06.20-05.07.2020 22.06.20-04.07.2020
05.07.20-19.07.2020 06.07.20-18.07.2020
30.08.20-13.09.2020 31.08.20-12.09.2020
13.09.20-27.09.2020 14.09.20-26.09.2020
27.09.20-11.10.2020 28.09.20-10.10.2020

Reviews of our patients

Many patients are keen to share their stories about their experience of rehabiltation by the Professor Kozyavkin Method. We hope that stories of our patients will inspire you as much as they have inspired us.