Applying for treatment

To be admitted for treatment, please:

1. Fill the registration form on our website:


By using this form, please, upload recent (within 6 months) medical report by one of the patient’s doctors stating the diagnosis and current condition of the patient.

You can also send these documents directly at [email protected] or at +35799805151(Viber or WhatsApp).

The documents will be reviewed by our doctors and if there are no contraindications and the Professor Kozyavkin Method is applicable.

2. Receive an acceptance into the treatment program. We will notify you by email or fax of the patient’s acceptance into the treatment program.

3. Treatment course and accommodation.
After receiving an acceptance into the treatment, please call +357 25313338, +35799805151 or email at [email protected] to select the suitable treatment course and to book the accommodation.

The rehabilitation is carried out on the basis of Chr. Toumazis Physiotherapy Center

Scheduled treatment courses are here

4. Make payment and confirm your treatment reservation

At least one month prior to the treatment session, you must confirm your reservation (by phone or email) and make payment.

In exceptional cases, when the patient cannot arrive for a rehabilitation course, please warn the administration of the clinic in advance.

If you have additional questions, please call +357 25313338, +35799805151 or email at [email protected].